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Suka Lang, owner of Vancouver acupuncture clinic, Acupoint Wellness

Meet Suka Lang, R. Ac.

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Suka Lang is a Registered Acupuncturist and the owner of Acupoint Wellness. She is one of those wellness practitioners that you wish you could bring everywhere with you. She is a born healer: intuitive, knowledgeable and strong.  You feel instantly calmed in her presence. Her compassion, empathy and continual strive for excellence are what makes […]

Team Acupoint

Oct 20

Wellness treatments to support mental health massage therapy Vancouver

3 Wellness Treatments to Support Your Mental Health

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When I opened Acupoint Wellness, my primary goal was to create a space where people could feel safe and know that their wellness needs are being taken care of. When we take care of our bodies, it can significantly help our mental wellness — particularly in times of stress. (Dear 2020, I’m talking about you.) […]


Oct 10

Jillian Wone Acupoint Wellness Vancouver

Meet Jillian Wone, R. Ac., RMT

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Jillian Wone has a unique style — her treatments allow a safe space for healing to unfold. She brings wisdom and experience from a 15-year career as an RMT and blends that with Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Balance Method Acupuncture. Her passion for healing and TCM is contagious. She holds space for those that need […]

Team Acupoint

Sep 29

Alanna Allan Acupoint Wellness Vancouver acupuncture

Meet Alanna Allan R.Ac, CNP

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Alanna Allan is a Registered Acupuncturist, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, and Usui Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner at Acupoint Wellness.  Born and raised in Vancouver, Alanna has a gentle ease to her that comes through in her treatments — she exudes wisdom beyond her years. Her empathy and passion for health and well-being make her an ideal […]

Team Acupoint

Sep 22

Cydney Rumball Acupoint Wellness Vancouver acupuncture

Meet Cydney Grey Rumball, R. Ac.

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Cydney Grey Rumball is a woman on a mission to bring healthy natural skincare mainstream. A Registered Acupuncturist, she has an extensive background in nutrition and kinesiology, her true passion for wellness led her to become a registered acupuncturist. Her specialty? Cosmetic Acupuncture + facial Gua Sha treatments.  She incorporates her knowledge of movement, yoga, […]

Team Acupoint

Sep 22

Cosmetic acupuncture Acupoint Wellness Vancouver

Glow from Within with Cosmetic Acupuncture

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If you look at magazines, on TV, in movies — really, in most media — a common image is women in (and sometimes men) with flawless, unlined skin. In advertising, the encouragement of women to erase facial lines is frequent. Photoshop and filters create pressure to look young.  As I get older, my goal is […]


Sep 10

watermelon summer tonic Acupoint Wellness

Hydrating Watermelon Summer Tonic

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Summer equals outdoor exploration and often eating and drinking foods that may dehydrate our bodies. Aside from water, one of my favourite ways to hydrate in summer months is sipping on a watermelon summer tonic. This brightly coloured drink is great for hot weather and for anyone who experiences dehydration and heat in their body. […]

Recipes + Natural Remedies

Aug 29

How To Find Peace and Comfort Through Meditation

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When you hear the word ‘meditation’ does your mind immediately conjure up an image of someone sitting completely still in lotus pose with a serene look on their face?  This alone – the idea that you have to be perfectly still, without any thoughts racing through your mind, to achieve meditation – is enough to […]


Mar 13

cupping benefits Acupoint Wellness

Cupping 101: The what, how and benefits for your body.

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A standard practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine, cupping provides a twofold of benefits. Not only does a cupping treatment provide relief and healing for the recipient, but it also provides the practitioner with a valuable snapshot of what’s happening inside the body! (A win-win for everyone.)  It’s no wonder then that cupping has also found […]


Mar 2

Vitamin Injections

Winter Wellbeing: Nourish Your Body with Vitamin Injections

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In the winter our bodies go into restorative mode. In this mode, the body becomes especially receptive to nourishment. You may feel more tired in this season than usual, as your body sends energy towards recovering and healing from the more active previous seasons. As such, it’s a perfect time to give yourself a nourishing […]


Feb 16