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How To Find Peace and Comfort Through Meditation

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When you hear the word ‘meditation’ does your mind immediately conjure up an image of someone sitting completely still in lotus pose with a serene look on their face?  This alone – the idea that you have to be perfectly still, without any thoughts racing through your mind, to achieve meditation – is enough to […]


Mar 13

Benefits of Cupping

The Benefits of Cupping

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A standard practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the benefits of cupping are twofold; not only does a cupping treatment provide relief and healing for the recipient, it also provides the practitioner with a valuable snapshot of what’s happening inside the body! (A win-win for everyone.)  It’s no wonder then that cupping has also found its […]


Mar 2

Vitamin Injections

Winter Wellbeing: Nourishing Your Body with Vitamin Injections

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In the winter our bodies go into restorative mode, and become especially receptive to nourishment. You may feel more tired in this season than usual, as your body is sending energy towards recovering and healing from the more active seasons prior. As such, it’s a perfect time to give yourself a nourishing boost by requesting […]


Feb 16

Vegetable Broth

Rich and Nourishing Vegetable Broth Recipe

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Finding a nourishing bone broth recipe isn’t very difficult – there are so many available. But, if you want a more plant-forward or low-cost option, finding a vegetable broth that can hold the depth, colour, and flavour that most bone broths carry can be a bit more challenging.  After plenty of searches that fell a […]

Recipes + Natural Remedies

Feb 7

Elderberry Tea

Elderberry Recipes to Boost Your Immune System

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Overlapping both eastern and western medicine, elderberry is one of our favourite natural remedies, and packs a powerful punch. Rich in antioxidants and high in Vitamins A, B, and C (100g of berries contains about 60% of your daily Vitamin C intake), we love elderberries for their cold and flu-fighting abilities.  A Natural Immune Booster […]

Recipes + Natural Remedies

Jan 30

Winter Wellbeing

Winter Wellbeing: A Seasonal Guide to Better Health

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Does winter have you feeling a little less motivated, outgoing, or energized than usual? There’s nothing wrong with you; your body’s natural rhythm is simply kicking in, and right on time. In the past, we lived in harmony with nature, our daily life changing according to the season. Now, with globalization and modern technology, we’ve […]


Jan 15