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What is Gua Sha

Facial Gua Sha 101

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Gua Sha is a traditional treatment where pressure is applied to the skin to express pathogens from muscle tissue. It is often used in acupuncture to help balance both the qi or chi energies in the body to help with healing, muscle relaxation and tonifying.

More recently on social media and in pop culture, Gua Sha is becoming more mainstream in the application of facials to help relieve muscle tension and headaches.

I’ve summarized some of the main points about Gua Sha to help you learn more about how to use this most effectively!


Oct 22

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Summer

How to promote health and balance this summer from an Acupuncturist’s perspective

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How to weave Traditional Chinese Medicine into your daily health and wellness My father has always been a major influence in my life. He didn’t talk very much but when he did I knew it was important. I could tell that there was so much he wanted to say but maybe didn’t want to burden […]


Aug 7

Chaga mushroom tea made by Suka Lang of Acupoint Wellness in Vancouver

Start your morning with a chaga tea boost

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Chaga tea is a great alternative to your regular morning beverage. Suka shares her go-to chaga tea recipes: tea base, coconut chai latte, and a chaga coffee!

Recipes + Natural Remedies

Nov 25

cupping benefits Acupoint Wellness

Cupping 101: The what, how and benefits for your body.

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A standard practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine, cupping provides a twofold of benefits. Not only does a cupping treatment provide relief and healing for the recipient, but it also provides the practitioner with a valuable snapshot of what’s happening inside the body! (A win-win for everyone.)  It’s no wonder then that cupping has also found […]


Mar 2