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Chaga mushroom tea made by Suka Lang of Acupoint Wellness in Vancouver

Start your morning with a chaga tea boost

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Chaga tea is a great alternative to your regular morning beverage. Suka shares her go-to chaga tea recipes: tea base, coconut chai latte, and a chaga coffee!

Recipes + Natural Remedies

Nov 25

Hearty mushroom soup recipe from acupoint wellness in Vancouver

Hearty, Immunity-Boosting Mushroom Soup

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Mushroom soup is a hearty and immunity boosting option for a warming dinner. It’s one of Suka’s favourites and she shares her recipe here.

Recipes + Natural Remedies

Oct 31

Vegetable Broth

Rich and Nourishing Vegetable Broth Recipe

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Finding a nourishing bone broth recipe isn’t very difficult – there are so many available. But, if you want a more plant-forward or low-cost option, finding a vegetable broth that can hold the depth, colour, and flavour that most bone broths carry can be a bit more challenging.  After plenty of searches that fell a […]

Recipes + Natural Remedies

Feb 7